Massive Easter Egg Hunt 2012

On Palm Sunday we had a massive Easter Egg hunt at the Millennium Centre in Possilpark!

In our second instalment of Messy Church, we first had loads of craft activities:

. Decorating a paper bag ready for Egg hunt . Making an edible nest . Make a paper ‘palm’ cross as a bookmark . Decorating goggle-eyed eggs . Rolling the stone – making pictures using marbles rolled in paint

Then we had the Easter egg hunt!

Finally, we had a time of storytelling using our massive parachute – first we all ran round in circles (like we had hunting the eggs!) imagining that we were the disciples in John 20 running to discover the tomb of Jesus and then we made a tomb out the parachute and heard about how Jesus rose from the grave. We then pinned prayer requests to the cross.

All rounded off by a big family meal and lots of fun and games with beanbags at the end. Great times!

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