Vision for Possil

A vision for Possil given to us by a friend who grew up here: “In my dream I was walking towards Saracen Street and a large hill was in front of me. At the top of this impressive hill was what looked like a sparkling castle, light all around – a scene of extreme beauty! The atmosphere around this imposing, amazing scene was one of fulfilment, contentment, wonder! The predominant colours were green, crystal, azure blue. Celestial City – that was really what I saw I am sure!! The pavements were shining, clean and clear. I don’t know if this dream had any meaning but in my soul I always associated it with HOPE and that is indeed what comes to me when I hear of the love you are putting into God’s precious people in Possil. I know it is hard at times, but Jesus was born into such a place – Possil, Nazareth – similar reputation but oh how God loves his people there, as everywhere.”

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